Kickball in the City

Monday, May 07, 2007

Drinking gets even better!

Just a quick note to say get out and drink tomorrow (Tuesday) to help raise money to rebuild Eastern Market. A group of DCers put together an idea to raise money from bars in the area tomorrow by having them donate a portion of their proceeds. I am happy to say that a couple of my kickball sponsor bars are participating tomorrow night.

Good job NAKID, will the Kash guys follow?

Also, I have to give props to NAKID for agreeing to match, up to a certain dollar amount, whatever My Brother's Place donates from their proceeds. It would be nice to see the other leagues I play in do the same (hint, hint). In any event, get out to My Brother's Place (or somewhere else on the list) tomorrow and drink for a really good cause - rebuilding a landmark in DC.

Doing the right thing, so let's all drink there tomorrow


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