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Friday, April 27, 2007

What the Hell is everyone's problem?

Now that all of the leagues in the area are into the swing of kickball, it's time for me to get back to writing a few times a week - and stepping up the bitchiness of posts. This week, though, I reserve most of the vitriol for the increasingly annoying National Park Service.

Almost all of the leagues I play in play on the National Mall. It's free, first come first get, and a great place to play. I have been playing kickball there for a long time. This past weekend though I saw something I haven't before.

Several softball and kickball teams were engaged in games when a Park Ranger approached. He was friendly enough, but telling us that we could not play where we were (and have been) and would have to leave. We all pointed him to the people in charge. After a short conversation we were told that it was true - our fields had to be picked up and moved immediately.

It seems, from what I could gather, that there is some rule that the irrigation side of the Mall (between 17th and Constitution, the second fields) are not allowed to have any sports played on them. The Ranger - Harry - stated that this has been the case for TWO YEARS! This was a shock to many of us, as we have played there (as has softball and football) many times over those years. Annoying, but okay, if they are going to start enforcing it so be it.

This brings me to Thursday. I have a division that plays in the same area on that day. Fields were setup and we were all playing. Several Rangers and officers passed by. No one said a word to us nor the softballers playing on these very same fields. Nothing, nada, zip, zilch. That pisses me off.

Can you play here? Apparently it depends on the day of the week

Odds are that some group of asshole tourists got upset and complained to the Parke Service Sunday. One group came by and complained loudly, "Where am I supposed to walk? You people have cones everywhere." Hey, genius, try the SIDEWALK! I guess they then complained and thus the uncovering and selective enforcement of this rule. Just what I need, another reason to hate tourists.

Hi Idiot Tourists, the long cement things are for walking

What is the deal with the Park Service though? Guys, either everyone enforces the rule or no one does. you can't have it so that some people can use field space - especially on less crowded playing days - while others can't. Or can you? After all, according to the Park Police no one is allowed to question anything, right?

Once again, displaying their charm

Also, let me note this too: I was playing with NAKID on Sunday and of course a Kash Guys division (Monument) had to set up their fields right on top of the ones we were playing on. ours had been up for hours and some jagoff actually said. "We've been here for three years". What a douche! And in reality, you haven't. Monument used to play on the Ellipse - not that it matters. More typical WAKA crap.


  • Yep--we had to end our softball game top of the 6th thanks to Ranger Henry. And YES! We had this old guy walk right ACROSS our pitcher in the middle of the inning! I thought Alzheimer's at first, but he seemed pretty indignant. Pitch should have beaned the old crotchety man...Whoopsie! And the whole "non-permit" fields issue is news to us, too. Never been a problem before.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:07 PM  

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