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Friday, October 13, 2006

Ramblings on Friday the 13th

Today is one of my favorite days of the year - Friday the 13th. I just like it because people get all weird about it, the news covers it like it matters, and as an added bonus this year; it's the first chilly day in a long time. So, I figure today I will just put some random thoughts together about several things that I have seen, but can't really make a column about. Pretty much just unrelated kickball ramblings. Enjoy!

I love it when it gets cold outside. I know it means kickball is over (or moved indoors) but it's a nice relief from the not-to-distant 85 degree kickball days.

I know one man's trash in another's treasure, but this is ridiculous! I mean come on, I have some cleats and colored socks I wore from my first season, what they hell are they worth? Also, this guy better watch out, if the Kash guys find out he's selling a logoed t-shirt they may sue his ass.

Hey, it's vintage on Ebay!

I'm reading the DC Kickball message board the other day and come across this exchange between the founder and a player not named Kickball Homer about changing the name of the Adam's Morgan division:

Founder: I'm going to nominate a couple:
O.G. (original gansta) Division
AdMo Division
T.T. (Tom Tom) Division
Ringer Division (back in the ringer-T days)

Player: T.T. - HELL NO!!!
We are not going to become FedEx Field or Heinz Stadium!
They don't give us enough specials for that!
How could T.T. be even proposed?

Founder: I proposed T.T. because it sounds vulgar when you say it a few times. Tee tee, tee tee, get it? We had a guy on my old Fockers team nicknamed T.T. He was T.T. Focker.
Besides, where's your brilliant suggestion? Or do you just like to call people out all the time?

Wow, sure makes me want to play in DC Kickball next season. I mean every time someone disagrees with this guy he has a fit. Grow some thicker skin already! Plus, hi, you're stealing OG from NAKID - be original.

People heading to California for the WAKA playoffs (I predict 13 teams show) are starting to whine on wakakickball365. There is a "Captain's Reception" that the Kash guys are putting on the night before the games. Here are the specs:

Event: Captains ReceptionTime: 7:00pm - 9:00pmDetails: Free Concert and Beer!Exclusive WAKA concert and hosted happy hour at Mission Valley Resort San Diego! Enjoy the beautiful outdoor patio and a complimentary taco bar, beer and a PRIVATE CONCERT featuring Spencer the Gardener. Full cash bar available. Must have a ticket to be admitted. Captains and co-captains are FREE but all WAKA players can join in the fun for just $25. Purchase your tickets today.

"Hi, I'm here for beer & tacos"
I have no idea who Spencer the Gardner is, but that is the best they could do? A TWO-HOUR window for free beer for $25 dollars?? Jeez, all WAKA division parties are a better deal than that for players. Most people are pissed because captains get in free. I have a solution - MAKE ALL PLAYERS CAPTAINS. There is nothing against that in the WAKA rules. I checked. Then you can all get free beer and crappy food while listening to a sucky band for a couple of hours. I mean I know the Kash guys love money, but these people are flying cross country. Of course, they will just complain and pay, so nothing will change.

I have contemplated dressing up as Santa every week for indoor kickball, but that might be a bit much. Maybe just the last game before Christmas. That would be funny. Especially if I got drunk and passed out and some little kid woke me up.

Ok, I guess that's it for this week. I hope everyone has a great weekend. I know I will, I'm heading out on a bus filled with beer to Annapolis with a bunch of kickballers so you know that will be good!


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