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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Why I love being a (sorta) adult on Halloween

It's waaaaay better to be an adult then a kid on Halloween. I can buy candy if I want it. And now no one can tell me when to stop eating it. But as a kid I never got to go to really cool Halloween parties. I am reminded of this because I have one tonight that I am sure will be great (read: 2 kegs of beer plus REAL food) and had a kickball one on Sunday that shows why kickball and adult work so well together. It also proves why I rank NAKID as my number one league. Free beer and free shots. Many drunk ass bastards. Many people making out. Some naked people. I'll give a pictorial review of the night.

ogwk9 051
Rub him and make a wish

ogwk9 064
Many people's nightmare, yet strangely arousing

ogwk9 084
Not a costume, but piercings are always good

ogwk9 098
Any night that ends with three girls kissing has to be good!

ogwk9 096
Needless to say, she won the contest

ogwk9 076
How come the refs on the field never look like this?

ogwk9 107
The Shot Ski!
Reports on the message board relating the next day woes of many also help to show it was a great night. Apparently I wasn't the only one not at work yesterday.
So yay to kickball. And adult kickball. And adult kickball Halloween parties. Given having to go to bed too early, limited candy consumption, and puberty - why would I want to be a kid again?


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